Make Custom Wood Products Work for You

Discover this highly marketable substrate perfect for personalization.

The best way for retailers to sell, whether on Main Street or the internet, is to advertise customization and personalization. The selling point is to be able to provide a quality personalization that is not readily available elsewhere, and wood products provide a wide range of marketability; products can be marked and personalized quick and easy, or they can be delicately detailed for high-quality photos and logos.

Although there will always be a place on the wall for the traditional award plaque, today’s innovators are using wood, in all of its available colors, densities, and finishes, for much more. Unique treasures like cigar cases, commemorative baseball bats, mobile device accessories, and ornate game sets lend weight and an off-the-wall charm in a fresh way.

With a piece of wood and a high-tech laser engraver or printer, imaginative projects come to life to provide valuable, honorable, and fun personalized gifts and awards for any occasion.

-Barry Stewart, Colorado Heirloom Inc.

Barry Stewart Colorado Heirloom

Barry Stewart

Starting in 1986 until present, Barry is the owner/president of Colorado Heirloom Inc., employing 25-30 production woodworkers. The wood products manufacturer specializes in design and custom products for the laser, direct-to-substrate printing, signage, and hospitality industries. Barry's duties include, but are not limited to, the vision, design, and leadership for the Colorado Heirloom team.

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