Local School Markets: Products to offer colleges and universities

Target the college and university market with these popular sublimation products.

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There is a lot of room to be creative in personalizing products for schools in your own backyard. Here are some products to get you started selling to the customer-rich sector of colleges and universities:

  • Greek life: One of the largest opportunities at the college level exists with fraternities and sororities. Some fraternities and sororities even have their own color, flower or other symbol that they have adopted and might like to include in their designs. Picture frames, personalized T-shirts, ornaments, keychains, mugs, jewelry, tile boxes, plaques, and name badges are some of the products that would appeal to them. Also, offering products like message boards and basketball hoops to decorate dorm rooms or rooms in the fraternity/sorority house would work well.
  • Athletics: At the college level, another large possibility for sublimated sales comes from athletics. The most obvious reason an athletic program would want to purchase your products would be to promote team unity and membership. Products available in the team area include bag tags, license frames, ID tags, basketball hoops, car flags, etc. These products can also be given out at the beginning of the season to help boost team morale. You could also offer products for fans, donors, supporters, alumni, media personalities and even parents.
  • Administrative/college advancement: Offer high-quality, personalized products incorporating the college logo (which aids in their marketing efforts) with personalization for donors. The ability to personalize these products with the donor’s name, date and even a special message is an excellent selling point, because these offices are always looking for ways to encourage donors to continue contributing to the school. Another opportunity within a college is for identification products. Nameplates, desk plates, plaques and small interior signs are all products that could be offered to any of the administrative offices.

-Robin Kavanagh, Sawgrass Ink


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