Listen Carefully: 4 tips to practice better customer service

Set a course for a customer service policy that will knock your customers' socks off-and bring them back for more of the same.

Think back on the best and worst experiences you have had as a consumer, and then set a course for a customer service policy that will knock your customers’ socks off-and bring them back for more of the same. Follow these four tips to make sure that the people with whom you do business never have to wonder if customer service is dead:

  1. Nothing helps a return or exchange process more than having a posted return policy in the business of personalized products. Before the sale is complete, make sure you point out any posted policies on refunds or exchanges and draw their attention to any written disclaimers on your invoices or flyers.
  2. Listen carefully when the customer explains what they think they need. Understand their budget and ask the questions that help you-and your customer-understand the process. The customer needs to understand what happens if a mistake is made. The clearer you are at the outset, the more unreasonable they will sound if they try to fight the results.
  3. Don’t let anything interrupt you and your customer, if you can help it, once the conversation/inquiry/ordering has begun. Nothing can take the place of making a potential or returning customer feel like they are the only one that matters. Smile, practice active listening, and remember to leave any personal troubles at home.
  4. Nothing is more important than keeping your word. Promises are made to be kept, not broken, and the customer should be the most important component in the business equation.

-Helen Hart Momsen

Helen Hart Momsen

Helen Hart Momsen, a longtime writer and columnist for industry trade magazines and more than 20-year embroidery-industry veteran, is a founder of the Embroidery Line, an industry-specific online discussion forum. She also owns and operates Hart Enterprises, a Virginia-based company that specializes in digitizing and custom embroidery. She has developed an industry-specific business and invoicing form-the Hart Form-which has met with great success within the industry. Helen Hart Momsen can be contacted by email at [email protected]

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