Kick Off Your Decoration Business with Laser Engraving

Consider establishing your skills with engraving, with an eventual addition of UV printing and sandcarving

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I personally would start a decoration business with laser engraving, then UV printing, followed by sandcarving.

I say to start with the laser engraving because it is a versatile piece of equipment that allows the business more flexibility when taking on new jobs and materials.

UV printing adds a nice touch of color to items made with the laser or sourced from other suppliers. Being able to offer the color printing helps draw the customer’s eye to your products, and lets you further diversify your offerings.

Although I love sandcarving the most, I chose this last because it is a niche market and has a steeper learning curve. Of course, it ultimately comes down to your market and what will best serve it.

Braden Todd

Braden Todd

Braden Todd is a second-generation glass artist, and the owner and creative force behind Glassmith2, located in Boulder, Colorado.

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