Why You Should Keep a Sublimation Diary

Find out why you should document everything and how to get in the habit

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Document everything. Keep a sublimation diary of your print jobs, transfer details, and any problems you experience.

This is the best way to minimize waste and get to the bottom of problems. When you master a product, document in your own words what works. When you need to reprint that one tile from a particular mural, you’ll be able to refer back to job details such as the file name, what kind of tile you used, paper, press settings, and so forth.

Keep a Sharpie marker handy and, when possible, write a serial number on the back of a product that you can then log in your diary.

David Gross

David Gross

David Gross is president of Condé Systems Inc., of Mobile, Ala. For the past 24 years, he has devoted his work to advancing sublimation technology.

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