Incorporate Mixed Materials into Personalized Items

Learn how art glass can complement sublimated photo gifts and how to best display them

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Incorporating mixed materials into awards, signage, or personalized gifts can really show off your creativity. Material such as art glass or resin panels will display beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs that draw a viewer to the product.

Art glass can often be found in hardware stores, or other retailers selling wall and home décor. It can make the perfect backdrop for a sublimated photo, for example.

The only challenge one might encounter is how to mount the odd shape of the glass for display. Art glass is not only oddly shaped and unable to be drilled into, it can vary in thickness from one end to the other, especially if there is a significant texture to the glass—the thickness could vary by 1/8″ or more.

Certain mounting components can lend themselves to dressing up the subject being mounted, adding a modern element to the installation where polished and anodized aluminum components make it look like it’s out of an exhibit.

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Chris Howard

Chris Howard, MM has been working in Marketing and Product Development for 15 years in the fashion watch, handbag, and education industries. Formerly, he worked as the Marketing Coordinator at Gyford StandOff Systems. Howard holds a Masters of Management degree as well as certificates in Marketing and Visual Communication, combining his project management and continuous improvement knowledge with consumer decision-making models to create meaningful and timeless products and campaigns.

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