In the Eye of the Beholder: How perceived value can boost your bottom line

Consider these four factors to influence the perceived value of your products and services.

A study of the history of embellishment demonstrates clearly that personalized items have been a mainstay of gifting for centuries. Modern machines and technology have only made it easier to give even more ornate items. The limits are dictated only by imagination-whether yours or your customers-and the added profits are very friendly to the bottom line. Consider these factors to influence the perceived value of your products and services:

  1. Your shop’s perception in the community will blossom when you become known as the idea store.
  2. Making your customer look good when the gift is presented can only reflect well on you.
  3. Word of mouth has long been hailed as the best advertising, and you’re in for your share of it when you send beautiful, unique gifts out into the world. The name of your shop will be on everyone’s lips-and that will bring more folks to your door when they need something special.
  4. Add embroidery, heat transfer, and other decoration techniques to your business line-up, either by contracting for it or buying a machine of your own. Mixed media goods inspire your customers to think of ideas of their own as well. They may not buy your idea or sample, but if inspiration strikes and you can deliver the goods, they will know where to come the next time they need an idea person-or a person who can turn their ideas into reality.

A discerning customer is always glad to pay for something different and personal. Make sure it is your shop that fills that need.

Helen Hart Momsen 

Helen Hart Momsen

Helen Hart Momsen, a longtime writer and columnist for industry trade magazines and more than 20-year embroidery-industry veteran, is a founder of the Embroidery Line, an industry-specific online discussion forum. She also owns and operates Hart Enterprises, a Virginia-based company that specializes in digitizing and custom embroidery. She has developed an industry-specific business and invoicing form-the Hart Form-which has met with great success within the industry. Helen Hart Momsen can be contacted by email at [email protected]

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