How to Sublimate Glitter

How to add some glitz and glamour to your sublimation creations. 

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Want to add some sparkle to your sublimated products? Consider these best practices for sublimating glitter.

When sublimating glitter, the vinyl has heat-activated adhesive on the back side, which is why the vinyl has to be pressed on the shirt first, and then sublimated as the final step. White glitter on a black shirt works best (the sublimation ink doesn’t show up), although you can sublimate onto other light color glitter vinyl as well. White shirts will work too, but the ink will transfer a small amount on the fibers, therefore the sublimation design needs to be trimmed down to the shape of the transfer and should be incorporated somehow in the overall design.

The easiest way is to cut out your shape, for example, a star. Heat press the glitter star onto the shirt. Print your design with a sublimation printer (the brighter the color, the better), then place the design over the glitter star and press it. Rather than sublimating the shirt, the ink will transfer to the glitter flakes.

– Darci Jeffrey-Andersen, Coastal Business Supplies

Darci Jeffrey-Andersen

Coastal Business Supplies

Darci Jeffrey-Andersen joined Coastal Business Supplies as sales account manager for the professional solutions division in 2015. A veteran in the screen print industry, she owned Crossroad Graphics Screen Printing Services for more than eight years before joining My Brand Promo. As sales account manager for Coastal Business Supplies, Jeffrey-Andersen manages wide-format digital printing accounts and creates printing and personalization solutions for manufacturers and customers. 

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