How to Overcome Repetitious Laser Engraving Jobs

The most basic method for implementing block changes.

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As laser engravers, we get repetitive type jobs. These mundane jobs can strangely end up being some of your most profitable. Once the setup is complete, surprises are rare, and these repetitious jobs are not only easy to run, but they help you calculate your laser output.

Often, repetitive jobs involve a consistent design along with some simple line changes. These line changes, also known as block changes, usually take the form of a name or date change.

There are many different methods of completing these block changes. The most basic technique is to manually duplicate the general layout and then modify the line of text requiring changes.

Today, many of your customers will gladly supply you with some sort of electronic list, whether it is a Microsoft Word document or a spreadsheet. By using the pre-made list, you can minimize the chance of human error (at least on your behalf!).

Using the client supplied electronic list can save you the hassle of retyping the information. On the most basic level, the laser operator simply copies the block changes and then pastes that information into CorelDraw using the universal copy and paste method. I would recommend that, at minimum, you familiarize yourself with the shortcut of the copy and paste method. To copy the information, hold down the CTRL key and then press C. Then go to your CorelDraw file where you will be making the block changes and paste the information by holding down the CTRL key and pressing V. Another technique to expedite the process is to have both screens open and visible, which will minimize having to switch screens.

-Richard Korbyl, Columbia Awards

richard korbyl columbia awards

Richard Korbyl

Columbia Awards

Richard Korbyl manages the family business, Columbia Awards, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has been involved with the awards industry for over 20 years. If you have questions, contact Richard at 1-780-438-3266.

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