How to Make a Bad Screen Print Good

Learn how to recover from a bad screen print with these helpful tips from Ryonet. 

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Did you end up with a bad print? Ryonet shares a step-by-step video tutorial that walks screen printers through the process of recovering from a bad screen print. Here are the highlights from that video.

First, Why is this happening?

  • Maybe you’re just starting out
  • Maybe your press isn’t calibrated properly
  • Maybe your garment is too fibrous
  • Maybe your screen tension is too low

All of that being said, more often than not, a bad print occurs because the ink is not transferring enough through the screen on top of the fibers of the garment. In turn, the fibers of the garment are not matting down. The fibers then show up through the print. 

Next, check out these actionable tips to make a bad print look good:

  • Grab a Teflon sheet and an iron
  • Turn the iron to its hottest setting
  • Gel flash the print
  • Place the Teflon sheet on the shirt and iron with pressure
  • Perform an overprint

Another similar process can be done after printing:

  • Cure the print
  • Set heat press to 320-330 degrees F with light to medium pressure
  • Press for eight to 10 seconds

Important points: If the ink is sticking to the Teflon paper, the ink if not cured enough or the heat press temperature is too hot. To avoid a glossy look when heat pressing with Teflon paper, experiment with using parchment paper. 



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