How to Get the Most Out of Your LMM-6000 Aerosol: Purging

Get more out of your metal marking spray with this advice.

After using the LMM-6000 aerosol, the spray system should be cleaned by inverting the can and spraying until mist becomes clear. This will only take a few seconds. (Image 1)

Very little product will be lost during this process; the level of propellant within the aerosol can is designed to account for this procedure. Any excess material on the nozzle should be cleaned off with water. 

-Dennis Gilmore, Ferro Corporation

Dennis Gilmore

Dennis Gilmore is the lead technical service representative for Ferro Corporation servicing the CerMark/Thermark laser marking product line. He is known as a specialist in the industry as it relates to the patented CerMark/Thermark laser bonding technology. In his 12 years of experience, he has been involved in product development, production, quality control, and sales and distribution for the CerMark/Thermark product line. 

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