Hands-On Type Tools of CorelDraw: Beziers

Tackle these typography tools in CorelDraw.

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In CorelDraw, you have an endless array of font choices along with a set of tools that allow you to arrange those fonts in meaningful ways. Learn how to use Bezier tools to achieve richness in your typography.

When you type something using either the Artistic Text tool or the Paragraph Text tool in Corel, you can change the font from the dropdown list in the properties bar at the top of the page. Once the words you’ve typed are assigned a particular font, you can Convert to Curves those words to change them from a functioning font format to an image object. As image objects, those letterforms can be controlled using the Bezier tools like any other Corel object. It’s helpful to try this out in order to understand how precise their construction really is and how closely related all the letters of the font are.

Try zooming in on a single letter that has been converted from a functioning font to curves. Then try using the Bezier editing tools to make adjustments to the letter. Even slight adjustments can destroy the integrity and balance of the letterform. It is a testament to how intricate and difficult the process of designing a font is. (Image 1)

There are times when we want to take an existing font and make subtle changes to it such as adding a lead-in swash at the beginning of a letter or a lead-out swash at the end of a letter. You may want to change the height/width ratio, but make small adjustments to correct any distortions that might appear as a result. The Bezier nodes make any of that and more possible, but it has to be done carefully to ensure that surgery is a success. (Image 2)

-Jim Sadler

Jim Sadler

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