Grocery List for Heat Transfer Newbies

Learn what you absolutely need to start an apparel decoration business centered around heat transfer vinyl. 

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So you’re new to heat transfer vinyl (HTV)? Are you starting your own apparel decoration business centered around this?  We’ve got you covered with a grocery list for heat transfer newbies!

  1. First, and most important, is to get yourself a heat press. While some HTV can be ironed on, owning a heat press for your apparel decoration business is going to save you time.
  2. Next, you’ll need to invest in a cutter. Craft cutters are great for hobby work or small businesses, but once your business starts to pick up you’ll want to invest in something larger so you can cut multiples at once or even a whole order!
  3. When it comes to accessories, there are three crucial things you need right away:
    1. Weeding hook or pick. This is necessary when weeding material.
    2. Hobby knife. You’ll use this to cut excess material away from your design if you don’t want to weed it all or if you’re only using part of a piece of material. 
    3. Teflon release sheet.  This sheet will ensure that when you are pressing on a garment multiple times that all of the HTV is covered and will not stick to your upper platen. You definitely don’t want vinyl from one job getting onto another job’s garment. 
  4. We’ve saved the best for last. Of course, you’re going to need heat transfer vinyl when you’re starting an apparel decorating business. There are hundreds of options available, but starting with classic colors will be the easiest.

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