Glitz Up Printed Patterns with Heat Transfer Foil

Make your printed patterns pop with heat transfer foil.

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Heat transfer foil is one of the easiest and dazzling ways of glitzing up a simple text or art print, and only requires a heat press and a laser printer. Once a base is created and applied to the shirt, a textile transfer foil is laid over the top of the print, and the foil layer is sealed to the top with the use of a heat press.

This method also offers other unique design and print opportunities, like texturizing the foil by crumbling the sheet ahead of time for an aged metallic appearance. Press with multiple foil colors for an added dimension to the effect.

-Kristen Harvey, Coastal Business Supplies

Kristen Harvey

Kristen Harvey has been with Coastal Business Supplies for six years and works to contribute to their website, content, and marketing efforts. She enjoys web and graphic design, the great outdoors, and groovy music.

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