Four Essential Tools for Cleaning Your Manual Press

Here are four tools you'll need to keep your manual press clean and extend its maximum potential. 

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A good equipment maintenance regimen can keep your shop efficient and profitable for extended times. Taking only a few extra steps in caring for work surfaces, lubrication, cleaning, and repair is all that’s required. If you keep to a cleaning schedule, your press’s profit producing life can be extended to its maximum potential.

To start with proper care and cleaning, here are four tools you’ll need: 

–              A grease gun.  The grease gun is for lubricating your machine’s grease fittings.

–              An acid brush. This is a metal tube pinched on the end with bristles extending. Use this brush to spread grease evenly over larger areas and threaded parts.

–              Dispensing bottle. Use this to reach the smaller, tighter areas that need lubricant. This can be as simple as a small squeeze bottle.
–              Cleaning brushes. This tool looks very similar to a toothbrush made with steel or brass bristles and can be found at most standard hardware stores.

–              Steel wool. Perfect when you need that extra abrasive to polish. Make sure to get the regular non-soap type that does not have cleaner packed into the strands. Be careful with any abrasive, polishing, or scratching product as it will remove material including metals. This can cause problems with areas of tight or precision fitting.

Doug Grigar

Doug Grigar is a screen-printing veteran since the T-shirt heyday of the 1980s. He has worked as a freelance artist, graphics system administrator, and the pre-press production manager for a sportswear company for over 10 years. Grigar was general manager of the production division for an upscale licensed-goods chain before he began consulting full time in 2001. He now provides technical-consulting services and training, seminars and workshops and may be contacted at [email protected]

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