Five Business Card Do’s and Don’ts

Learn the do's and don'ts of business card creation.

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There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to designing, carrying, and exchanging business cards; and every smart business owner should know and practice them.

·         Do pay attention to the composition of the card and the message it conveys. Stick to the standard size and thickness. I’ve seen cards made of plastic, metal, and wood; and they are eye-catching and durable, but they are still more expensive than card stock, especially if recycled materials are used. It’s also difficult for a prospect or client to jot a quick note on them.

·         Do consider employing additional printing processes-foil stamping, raised lettering, rounded corners, color photography, holograms, etc.-if your budget allows for them. Don’t commit to an elaborate, expensive card if your clientele will see no value in it.

·         Do carry a number of business cards with you at all times. Do carry them in a business card case. Don’t carry them loosely in your pocket or purse.

·         Don’t drop your business cards in bowls for raffles as you will only be contacted by someone trying to sell you something.

·         Don’t leave a stack of your cards at random tables, thumbtack them to bulletin boards, or give them to someone else to hand out for you. This practice cheapens the value of your card and you as a professional business person.

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