Finding a Freelance Artist

Use these resources to find the perfect match

One of the biggest challenges in having a successful decorated apparel business is finding a high-quality, reliable source of artwork. Like many industries, finding an industry-trained artist is mostly done through referrals and word of mouth.

Not just any artist will do. It’s critical that the person you choose is familiar with the specific requirements for the type of decorating process you are using. Below is a list of Facebook pages where industry decorators hang out. Putting feelers out and posting at one of these may help you find what you need.

The more specific you can be describing what type of artwork you need and how it will be used, the greater chance you will find someone who can meet your expectations and those of your client. Be sure to review examples of the artist’s past work and call a few references to find out if your candidate meets deadlines and fulfills requirements.

Facebook pages

Adobe For Screen Printers

The Artist Factory: This group is geared toward artists for screen printing or any other digital art to learn, bid on jobs, grow business, sell business, and trade.

Apparel Decorator’s Society

Garment Decorators

Graphic T-Shirt Designing for (Screen Printing)

Screen Printers Guild

T-Shirt Screen Printers

TSPMB Refugees


The Shirt Board: This forum has an art/separations board. You must be a member to post, but membership is free.

The T-Shirt Forums: This forum has a graphics and design help board.

Deborah Sexton

Deborah Sexton, former editor of Impressions Magazine, has been writing about the decorated-apparel industry since 1981. She does marketing and public relations for decorated-apparel suppliers, and may be reached at 214-729-2840 or [email protected]

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