Enhancing Signage and Awards with Standoffs

Discover the benefits of using standoffs as a standard mounting solution

By their very nature, signage and awards are meant to be seen, scrutinized, and created for the visual consumption of countless generations. Too often, installations are mounted with the notion of dressed down hardware intended to blend into the background of an environment or be hidden in the construction of an award. These efforts are always carried out with the best intentions. Still, they fall short of communicating quality exhibition standards and harm the visual experience for the audience of the sign, artwork, or award.

Using hardware as a design element to enhance a sign or award can add to the aesthetics of the construction, drastically changing how a consumer views the organization and environment in which it exists.

One of the most prolific professional mounting options for signage and awards that visually appeal to the public is the use of standoffs. This mounting solution is minimalist without looking cheap, adds to the consumer’s overall perceived value assessment, and creates a high-end look to an installation that can be expanded and replicated over an entire campus, museum, or trophy case.

Michael Eddins

Michael Eddins is the sales and marketing manager for Gyford Standoff Systems.

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