Enhance Your Designs with Different Fonts

With more choices to choose from, you can fit your market and client needs.

Fonts are a great tool for aiding in creative designs. Offering a wide variety of choices enhances service in categories that fit your market and clients’ needs. I’m in an area that is noted for its western heritage, wine country, and a multitude of military installations. I maintain a font database of over 10,000 fonts, mostly categorized in the Corel Font Manager. I have a sample book of suggested fonts by category.

Besides categories for weddings, kids, and scripts, I have categories of western, eloquent fonts appealing to the wine industry, and military and Americana fonts. To heighten the level of service, I also spend extra time selecting special fonts even for simple jobs such as trophies and resins. I like to match fonts to local kids’ sports team names, for weddings and anniversaries, military units, and the many themed events for non-profits.

-Bob Hagel, Eagle’s Mark

Read more about organizing your fonts on CorelDRAW. 

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