Dress Up Corporate Awards: Applying dry-process photoresist film

Learn more about this step in the sandcarving process.

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After you have exposed your artwork on the photoresist film, it’s time to apply it to the corporate award for simple stage sandcarving.

It’s important to clean the substrate prior to applying the film. This will help remove any oils or residue from the substrate and ensure more success during the sandcarving process.

Apply the film to the substrate, sticky side down. This film is self-adhesive and somewhat repositionable. Use a squeegee to apply pressure to the film, which will adhere to the substrate. If needed, use a jig or tool to help align the film and design for perfect placement. Remove the clear carrier and use a wire wheel to remove any trapped air bubbles. After application, the substrate is ready for sandcarving.

-Michael Sullivan, IKONICS Imaging

Michael Sullican IKONICS Imaging

Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan was previously the marketing manager for IKONICS Corporation.

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