Do’s and Don’ts of Heat Transfer Application

This list of do's and don'ts can lead you to a flawless heat transfer application. 

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Heat transfer application can be an easy decorating option, but not without some major do’s and don’ts to address first. Be sure to double-check this list from Heat Transfer Warehouse‘s Brooke Hestdalen before diving in. 


  • Test your vinyl before pressing onto your garment to make sure it will apply to the fabric if you are unsure. Check for color correctness to be sure you’re achieving the look want.
  • Read the application instructions for the product you are using. Most companies have them right on their website. 
  • Use Teflon pillows when pressing garments with zippers and buttons. This will help with even pressure.
  • Use a Teflon sheet when pressing multiple layers of heat transfer vinyl (HTV) not covered by the liner. It will protect your upper platen.
  • Try a cold peel if you are having trouble with something not sticking to your garment. 
  • Press your garment for a few seconds before applying vinyl to ensure that all the moisture and wrinkles are out of it. 


  • Wing it when it comes to application. Make sure you check the application instructions beforehand, so you don’t waste vinyl and garments.
  • Press for less than the suggested application time. This time ensures that the adhesive applies to your garment. Applying for the correct time means your design will last longer on your garment. 
  • Press for more the suggested time. This will cause the vinyl to lose the adhesive. 
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