Dazzle Customers with Sublimation on Metal

Add luster and illumination to your products by sublimating on metal.

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When it comes to making money with sublimation, a key factor is perceived value on the part of the customer. The more they think a product is worth, the more willing they are to pay a higher price for it-provided the item is appealing to them.  

Coated metal fits this scenario quite well, as it’s durable, has fantastic imaging qualities, and comes in many forms-from sheet stock to pre-manufactured products, such as bag tags, name badges, license plates, cell phone covers, jewelry and, of course, photo panels.

Like most substrates produced for sublimation, metal products typically come with a white surface that is ideal for reproducing vivid images without worry of background color influencing image color; however, some metal products are available with clear coating that allows the color of the metal to come through the image.

These produce a unique effect of adding luster and illumination to the image, and are extremely eye-catching. For example, a black and white photograph on silver metal produces a very interesting look, as all the white areas of the picture are now silver.

With the right ink, sublimation is an HD printing solution, but it also takes the right substrate to truly achieve the highest level of photo quality. High-quality metals, especially those such as ChromaLuxe, which are made specifically for high-definition photography reproduction, can deliver stunning results.

-Robin Kavanagh, Sawgrass Ink


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