Create Sublimation Items for Special Events

Special events are a bonanza of sublimation opportunities. 

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Special events are a bonanza of decorated-product opportunities, with T-shirts usually being at the top of the list as they can be sold as souvenir items to both participants and the general public. Sublimated poly-performance T-shirts fit in nicely with any outdoor event, and even though they are a premium product, because they are getting sold, there is plenty of mark-ups available for the shop and the event. And of course, an event means awards, promotional products, participant gifts, and more. 

The bottom line is that sublimation probably tripled or even quadrupled the profit for this one situation. Think about what it could do for every job that comes in the door!

-Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass

Jimmy Lamb

Jimmy Lamb has 25+ years of product decoration business experience, as well as extensive knowledge in many facets of digital decorating and embellishing including business startup, applications, techniques, marketing, sales, mobile, production and management. Currently, he works with Sawgrass Technologies as the manager of communication and education, where he has been instrumental in developing its educational seminars and webinars.


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