Create Lasting Memories for Corporations

Keep this in mind when selling corporate awards.

The most important thing to remember when selling corporate awards is that you are producing products that create memories. We all need to remind ourselves that trophy shops don’t just sell trophies or awards. They sell something that holds a much higher purpose: memories that last a lifetime. Whether the memory is remembering a loved one or pet, honoring a winning team, or commemorating a professional accomplishment, a trophy shop has a hand in creating that lasting memory for a recipient. 

-Jen Jezierski, Crystal D

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Jen Jezierski, Crystal D

Jen Boyles

Crystal D

Jen Boyles, the marketing coordinator at Crystal D, believes that good employee recognition is essential for the growth and success of a business. She understands how to create a memory through unforgettable awards and how important a quality recognition experience is.

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