Corel’s Hidden Gem: Corel Community

Discover this hidden gem in CorelDraw.

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CorelDraw is my primary software work tool that I use every day. Sometimes I need assistance learning something specific about a tool, getting new creative ideas, or help with a Corel issue. If you go to Corel’s website, you’ll find a number of support resources; however, in the Help menu of X8, you will find an item called Corel Community (in X7 it’s Corel Community ( is not easy to find from the website. It is a forum connecting users with other users and Corel employees. It is primarily for the Graphic Suite users, unlike You can find topics on specific features of Corel products, cool ideas, and get help with issues.

My CorelDraw crashed after the X8.1 update and CorelDraw was unusable. People like Sobia on Corel Community offered help immediately and got me in touch with technical support folks like Auz, who were able to fix the problem and get me up and running. Corel community is a great resource with lots of great people willing to share and help.

-Bob Hagel


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