Capitalize on This Growing Stamp Trend

Familiarize yourself with this market.

One of the fastest growing and more progressive markets in the stamp industry is craft and monogram stamps. If you analyze most of the larger stamp companies, they are developing and promoting these products to consumers, specialty catalogs, and retailers. There are many different styles and choices available, and most of the manufacturers have hired graphic designers to create custom and unique proprietary designs. A few of the different applications these stamps have been used for are addresses, from the kitchen of so-and-so, holidays, and special occasions. 

-Martin Clemente, Xstamper/Shachihata

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Martin Clemente

Martin Clemente is the National Sales Manager for Shachihata Inc. (Xstamper). With 20 years of experience in the marking device industry and IMIA, he is a past IMIA board member. You can reach him at [email protected] or 310-721-4526.

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