Breaking Into the Sports Decoration Market

Take the right first steps into the sports world with these helpful to-dos. 

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Whether you’ve cornered the sports decoration market in your area or not, the secret to a successful, profitable sports decoration offering is heat printing. Using just a heat press and some heat transfer vinyl letters and numbers, you can personalize entire team rosters quickly and easily. Here’s the breakdown on how to break into the sports decorating market.

First, find team-based customers. Every city or township is likely to have several clubs, associations, school and travel teams, and parks and recreation leagues. Contact local athletic directors, equipment managers at schools, or go to township websites for areas to bid or to find out who represents each team league. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse; these are all common sports for schools and clubs in any area, so there are many opportunities.

Once you’ve contacted the appropriate parties, ask what their decorating and personalization needs are and if they’re being met. If they’re happy with their current decorator, see if they will provide you with what they’re being charged or what they’re offering. With heat printing, chances are you’ll be able to compete with or provide them with alternative items. Now don’t be discouraged if you can beat the price but they aren’t interested, that’s Sales 101, but at least they know who to call should they find themselves looking in the future.

Check out this article on pricing decorated sportswear for further advice on breaking into the market. 

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