An Introduction to Standoffs: Display options and appeal

Discover the different options available to enhance your awards and signs.

Standoffs come in all sorts of sizes and vary in quality as a purchaser moves through the pricing spectrum. Most installations in signage, exhibits, awards, and furniture use a preferred diameter barrel or spacer and a matching diameter cap. Making this combination a standard build of materials in all projects being completed at a shop has created the opportunity for purchasers to buy high quality standoffs in bulk and spread the cost and savings out through all projects for a given fiscal year. 

Even more appealing is the firm’s ability to quickly replace parts or offer matching hardware on the fly to their customers when actively stocking a standard mounting solution. This bulk buying strategy also puts domestic manufacturers in more equal footing in pricing structures with their off-shore, low-quality counterparts, raising the visual and mechanical performance of the hardware and installation.

-Chris Howard, Gyford Standoff Systems

chris howard

Chris Howard

Chris Howard, MM has been working in Marketing and Product Development for 15 years in the fashion watch, handbag, and education industries. Formerly, he worked as the Marketing Coordinator at Gyford StandOff Systems. Howard holds a Masters of Management degree as well as certificates in Marketing and Visual Communication, combining his project management and continuous improvement knowledge with consumer decision-making models to create meaningful and timeless products and campaigns.

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