Advice for Sublimators Progressing from Small to Wide Format

Sometimes, it's hard to know which direction is the right one for a business to grow...

Ultimately, finding your customers and establishing your market and its needs are going to be the driving forces determining which platform best suits your needs. Growing right helps you bring your costs down while ramping your profits up and keeping your wallet in mind. Don’t over-extend yourself – allow your market/customers to dictate the direction you guide your company and always keep moving forward.

-Sean Stewart, Johnson Plastics Plus

Bonus read: Making the Switch – what to expect for new users of large-format laser engravers.

Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart is a Digital Printing and Equipment Specialist with Johnson Plastics Plus. If you have questions, feel free to contact Sean via email at [email protected] or on his direct line 405-470-5703.

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