Add Weight to Fonts in CorelDraw X8

Add weight to words with this CorelDraw advice.

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When cutting acrylic, the selected font may have delicate glyphs and ligatures prone to breaking.

You’ll need to add an outline to the font and weld it to the text to be cut as one piece. Get the process started with a toolbar built for the task.

Create two small lines with the Freehand tool and select them. This will change the Interactive Property bar. With the lines selected, hold down the Ctrl+Alt keys and click and drag the Outline Width Control onto the desktop to start the creation of a new toolbar. Next, with the Ctrl+Alt keys still held down, drag the Weld icon onto the new toolbar.

Add the final item for the toolbar from the Object menu. Click on the Object menu, hold down the Ctrl+Alt keys, and mouse over to Convert Outline to Curves and drag it onto the toolbar. Now your toolbar is ready to use.

Here’s how to thicken the font:

  1. Select the text and give it a thicker outline width from the toolbar.
  2. Click on the Convert Outline to Object icon, then deselect the object.
  3. Select the text and the object and click on the Weld icon.
  4. Complete your design and send it to the engraver.

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-Roger Wambolt, CorelDraw Team

Roger Wambolt

Roger Wambolt's career is the culmination of over 21 years in graphic design and education. It began in the trenches at Corel, where Wambolt provided user support, training and championed Corel's partner programs. Over the years, he acquired extensive knowledge through his relationships with graphics professionals in many industries, including print, sublimation, screen printing, sign making, engraving, and embroidery. In 2010, he started AdArt Graphics to provide graphic design and training services to a variety of international clients. A CorelDraw Graphics Suite expert, Wambolt has been a popular presenter at industry trade shows. He has developed and conducted classroom training and online sessions throughout North America and has authored articles for key industry magazines. You can train at home with Wambolt using his book Bring It Home with CorelDraw: A Guide to In-House Graphic Design or by watching his online course CorelDraw X8 Essential Training at, in addition to his numerous tutorials on the Corel Discovery Center.

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