A Word on Boosting Your Product Presentation

After all the hours spent planning displays and unique designs, you shouldn't leave out product presentation

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After selecting an outfit, you need to choose the proper shoes, jewelry, or handbag to complete the outfit. When you decorate your home, you select a lamp, vase, bedspread, toss pillows, or pictures to make your home appealing to the eye. The same goes for your product’s packaging.

After you make a personalized gift, you want to let the packaging make a statement about the item. You want to create excitement before the item is revealed. Unique packaging can display your logo or mark and give you another way to keep your company in the public eye.

Designing bags for holidays gets a lot of attention; however, we like to stay with a standard bag. We have a small, flat, plastic bag in black with silver hot stamping for a single plaque, plates, desk accessories, key tags, badges, small flat ribbon orders, and small gift items, as well as for packaging cards. Items are then wrapped with tissue then placed in the bag. We sometimes use ribbon to add to the bag. For example, we like mixing silver with gold for an updated touch.

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Nora O. Capper

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