A Slice of Cake: 4 tips for using CorelDraw’s intuitive knife tool

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8's knife tool.

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CorelDraw Graphics Suite X8 has a new knife tool that is much easier and more intuitive to use than the Premium Knife, available to annual subscribers in X7.

This new feature allows users to start and end the cut line outside of the object, which is much faster than trying to make sure you’re starting it right on the object. It allows you to cut objects, text and bitmaps either in 2-point line mode (default), free hand, or with a Bézier curve. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using the tool:

  1. Grouped Objects: Grouped Objects remain grouped after cutting any object within the group. In order to separate the cut object, you must ungroup it.
  2. Text: If you have created a sentence and want to cut a letter in half, you must first select the sentence, then Object, Break Artistic Text, and select the word that contains the letter you want to cut. Then select Object, and Break Artistic Text again. Now you can cut the letter and move the parts around.
  3. Filled Objects with Outlines: If you cut an object with both a fill and an outline, and if they do not come apart after cutting it, simply Ungroup the object and you can then move the parts.
  4. Snap to Objects: With the enhanced Snap to Objects capabilities, it is easier than ever to start and finish your cuts where you want them, such as cutting through the center. You can see when the knife is near the center, corner, etc.

-Bob Hagel


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