A+ Academic Recognition and Awards Products to Offer This Coming School Year

From field day to graduation day, retailers need to be armed with the right tools to sell to the academic market.

It is important that retailers offer whatever products their customer might have. Whether an elementary school needs hundreds of participant ribbons for field day, a parent wants to give a middle school teacher an apple award out of appreciation, or the local university needs a high-end acrylic or glass award for a deserving college-level student or professor, retailers need to be armed with the tools to sell those awards.

It is also important to remember the segment of the academic market that is simply looking for something to use for presentation of a diploma or certificate. This can be as simple as a folded/embossed piece of cardboard or as elegant as a nice plaque. There is a broad spectrum of award options for the academic market, with everything from award certificates and stock ribbons, to resin figures and plastic figures, and on up the scale to the high-end acrylics, glass, and piano-finish products.

-Mike May, JDS Industries

Mike May

Mike May is Chief Operations Officer at JDS Industry. He has been with the company since 2012.

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