5 Types of Awards to Sublimate

Consider sublimating these types of awards to kick your business up a notch.

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There are a number of ways you can kick your awards business up a notch using sublimation. Consider these different types of awards to offer to your customers:

Plaque with Metal Plate: These plaques have an array of options for customization. There are plaques of wood, glass, marble and many other materials. The material is professionally crafted in different sizes, and a piece of sublimatable metal can be sublimated and then affixed to the face of the plaque.

The types of metal available include white, gold, silver and other colors; coated aluminum; and brass, steel and other metals. The metal can generally be purchased in sheets and can be fabricated with a shear into specific-sized pieces that are fitted for the plaque, or fabricated to size by some distributors. Multiple metal plates can be used side-by-side or layered to add visual appeal and uniqueness to the finished plaque.

MDF Sublimation Plaque: These plaques come in a large variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The entire face can be sublimated any color or pattern you like. Some plaques also come in specific shapes such as a baseball home plate, round, football or shield shape.

Acrylic Award: Sublimatable acrylic has a high-end award look. The acrylic comes in many different sizes; they have a white-coated back on which the sublimation is accomplished, and the image is viewed through the front of the acrylic.

Ceramic Tile with Frame Award: A ceramic or stone tile can be sublimated and glued into a frame to create a unique award. Frames are available in many different colors and materials to give the award the perfect look and appeal. Easel backs are also available for the back of the tiles for a professional and elegant look.

Natural Slate Award: Natural slate is hand-chipped around the edges, and since it is a natural material, each piece will have its own personality and be slightly different from every other piece. This adds uniqueness to your award offerings.

-Kevin Lumberg & TJ Kvilhaug, Johnson Plastics

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Kevin Lumberg & TJ Kvilhaug

Kevin Lumberg is a Sublimation Sales Specialist and TJ Kvilhaug is a Large Format Sublimation Account Manager at Johnson Plastics Plus. Visit Johnson Plastics Plus on the web at For further information, Kevin can be reached at 800-869-7800 ext. 5737 or by email at TJ can be reached at 800-869-7836 or by email at

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