5 Tips to Ease the Sublimation Learning Curve

Lose your fear of diving into the world of sublimation

  1. Do your research. Before purchasing products, make sure the products you have in mind can be done. All products for sublimation require a polymer coating or be made of polyester. You can’t just do any T-shirt or mug that you get at a discount store. Also, make sure your equipment can accommodate the size of the products.
  2. When looking to buy new equipment, don’t just look at price. Check the warranty information and find out where the equipment is made. If it is made overseas, you may have trouble getting help if something goes wrong. It may cost more but if the equipment is reliable and replacement parts are readily available, it is worth the price.
  3. Get to know your distributor. They are an excellent source of information. They should have instructions for all their products and are able to help you with everything you need to get the job done.
  4. YouTube is an excellent place to see products actually being sublimated. Subscribe to your favorite channel so that you get an email when new videos are uploaded.
  5. Facebook groups are another great resource when you have questions, especially on the weekends when your distributor is unavailable. The members are helpful when it comes to sharing tips and tricks.
Cheryl Loban

Cheryl Loban

Cheryl Loban is the Communications Specialist at JDS Industries. She joined JDS in March of 2001 as a Customer Service Rep and worked in various roles in that capacity over the past 18 years. Cheryl moved into her position in the Marketing Department in February 2019.

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