5 Customizable Gifts for Baby

Create the perfect gift for the new mom, dad, or baby

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Those having a baby need everything—a crib, stroller, car seat, and on and on. But when giving the new mom, dad, or baby a gift, the giver wants it to be special, which is where customization can make things fun. Make a gift stand out with a name, sentiment, graphic image, or some combination of these elements. Here are some great products to explore:

  1. Blankets and quilts: Useful, practical, colorful, fun. Baby blankets and quilts are all of these plus now you can customize them with messages.
  2. Stuffed plush figures: Some kids have rooms that are full of stuffed plush toys. Offer to stich the baby’s name right into it.
  3. Wall signs: Provide colorful designs with icons that are popular with children. Add some sentiment – maybe humorous, poignant, or prophetic (“To the future doctor”). Include that personal customization with the baby’s name and baby stats or a complimentary note about their lineage.
  4. Frames and albums: Babies may be the test for smartphone cameras. People give framed baby photos to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. Here is the opportunity to create a great baby album. Offer the right color, texture, photo capacity, and style for each customer. Add the baby’s name and those baby stats, too. You can include some special sentiment to make it even more unique.
  5. Silver cups and spoons: What a special gift these can be. Now add the personalization to really make it pop.
Lou McNeil

Lou McNeil

Lou McNeil is the president and founder of Creative Gifts International Inc., a supplier of gifts, awards, and trophies for more than 25 years.

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