4 Quick Tips for the Apparel Sublimation Market

Consider these four quick tips for breaking into the apparel sublimation market.

Apparel sublimation is a market you need to know about as the world continues to push towards more polyester garments and the desire to have all things personalized. With that being said taking a look at a larger-format printer and heat press are high priorities if apparel is your focus. Consider these four quick tips for breaking into the apparel sublimation market:

  1. Small-format sublimation systems can do very well with apparel and are certainly a good investment, but for garments, it limits you to size and colors. With small-format systems, you cannot produce all-over decorated garments. The absence of white ink in sublimation limits you to light-colored garments.
  2. With wide-format systems, you can decorate the entire shirt. This means you can produce all-over decorated garments, as well as create any color garment you want.
  3. Plan to invest around $25,000-$30,000 for larger-format sublimation or keep an eye out for a wholesale sublimation partner to contract out your work while you build your apparel market.
  4. The apparel market is full of niches that have customers looking for sublimated garments. Look at markets like sports jerseys, outdoor wear like hunting and fishing, and even today’s bowling jerseys are made with wide-format sublimation.
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