4 More Ways to Get Rid of Office Clutter

Four more ways to get organized.

There are several ways tidy your workspace for increased productivity. Consider four more tips to get organized:

  • Use a cloud system: Your smartphone’s camera is your greatest ally when it comes to saving space and reducing paper clutter. Many companies photograph or scan items such as receipts, canceled checks, and other documents, and then store the digital version in a cloud-based receptacle-such as Dropbox, Mozy, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iDrive, or Google Drive-for easy access. After the paper document is converted to digital, the original can be shredded or recycled. A smartphone photo can capture the information on business cards of a new prospect, and then immediately feed it into an electronic organizer on that same phone.
  • Upgrade computers for memory and speed: You may not realize how much time is wasted when your computer lags because it is multitasking or has run out of storage space. When overburdened, computers tend to freeze or crash regularly. Adequate memory and processor speeds of last year may not be up to the task now. Upgrade your computer’s memory, and then run the disk cleanup and defragmenter utilities on a regular basis.
  • Store all manuals in one place: Ever need to refer to the operation manual for a piece of office equipment or a machine on the shop floor? Need to find the instruction flier and setup disc that came with your Bluetooth headset or other electronic gadget? If you place all manuals and software discs in a dedicated location, you won’t have to hunt for them.
  • Maintain your workspace weekly: At the end of each week, put everything back in their designated place. Shred or file paper stacks. Leave your desk clean at the end of the workday, so when you stroll in the next morning, you aren’t looking at a desk full of yesterday’s clutter. If you don’t let clutter accumulate, it’s easier to stay organized. 

-Vince DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer

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