3 Steps for Building Fixtures That Stand the Test of Time

Use your laser to create a fixture to last for years.

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To increase productivity and efficiency when laser processing many of the same parts over and over again, you can use your laser to build fixtures that last for years by following these steps:

  1. In your design software, create the fixture by duplicating the positioning pattern.
  2. Cut the fixture from your design using 1/8-inch wood or acrylic that holds your part in place.
  3. To help you orient the fixture in the laser, engrave a directional indicator on it to ensure it is positioned correctly to receive the engraving.
  4. After laser cutting the positioning template, glue a plate to the back to form a tray. Using several of these tray fixtures allows multiple parts to be loaded in advance. While one is running, the other can be loaded in a batch process.

-Kirstin Scott, Universal Laser Systems

Kirstin Scott Universal Laser Systems

Kirstin Scott

Kirstin Scott is the marketing operations specialist at Universal Laser Systems.

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