3 More Marketing Tips for Sandcarvers

More on the basics of marketing for sandcarvers.

There are a few more marketing basics every sandcarver should know.

The catalog is the most versatile marketing tool available to you; it is a brochure, a leave­behind sales piece, and business card, all rolled into one. Presenting your product offering in a catalog speaks volumes about your level of professionalism. Even if you are working out of your garage, you can still present yourself, your products, and your business with the professionalism of a large and established company.

You can distribute your catalog to groups, businesses, clubs, or organizations in your area. If you are producing and printing your own catalog, your primary limitation will be cost; consider this when selecting your distribution points.

Use the internet. The internet is the fastest growing method of presenting and selling product. E­commerce technology makes it relatively easy for you to display your products and accept orders online. You can quickly set up online stores through a variety of channels, including e­Bay and Amazon, or you can rely on your own efforts to drive internet users to your website.

Use the marketing tools provided by your equipment and supplies manufacturer. There are several tools to help you quickly establish and implement a marketing program for engraveable blanks, including:

  • Professionally-designed catalogs;
  • Marketing templates in PDF format;
  • Online catalog or personalized, hosted website.

-Billy Willis, Rayzist

Billy Willis

Billy Willis is Sales Manager for Rayzist Photomask, Inc. He has been employed with the company for the past 27 years. Billy has had the opportunity to travel around the world educating and providing photoresist technology to companies worldwide. Billy can be reached by phone at 800-729-9478, by email at [email protected] or online at

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