2 Ways to Enhance Wood Laser Engraving Projects

Take your projects up a notch.

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Two of the best ways to enhance wood projects is by including inlays and/or recessed, “deep” engravings. 

  • Using the laser to create inlays is a popular and relatively easy application. Simply use the laser to engrave away the “pocket” shape and then use the laser to cut the same shape from a different wood/wood veneer. Glue the veneer into the pocket and you add contrast and dimension to any wood project, like the guitar body with the spider inlay. 
  • When engraved slowly, and sometimes with more than one pass, files that include a lot of shading and gradients – sometimes referred to as 3-D files – produce a deeper engraving that is recessed within the wood. For example, look at the skate deck below. Adding this type of depth and texture takes woodworking projects to the next level.

-Amy Dallman, Epilog

Adding depth and texture takes woodworking projects to the next level.? (Image courtesy Epilog)

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Amy Dallman

Epilog Laser

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