Think Tank Thursday: Forget It!

Zig Ziglar says regrets from the past serve no positive purpose. Learn to bury them and move on.

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“The best thing we can do with regrets of the past is bury them. I mention this because Bruce DeHaven, who coached for the Buffalo Bills 1987-1999, as well as Scott Norwood (played 1985-1991), who missed (what would have been the game-winning) field goal in Super Bowl XXV, have a picture indelibly burned into their minds. They do not need to see replays. DeHaven almost has nightmares as he thinks of the strong field goal Norwood kicked with a strong follow-through and in his mind’s eye he can still see the football headed, end over end, toward the goal posts at Tampa Stadium. And then the 47-yard attempt sailed a few feet wide right of the uprights.

Tears come to his eyes as he says, “Excuse me, but I have a tough time talking about Scott Norwood this time of the year without getting emotional. Scottie’s a great person. And he was a great kicker.” DeHaven talks to Norwood about once a month and is one of the few members of the organization who has any contact with him. Incidentally, Scott Norwood is the all-time scoring leader for the Buffalo Bills, having converted nearly 75 percent of his field goal attempts. This makes him one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history.

The tragedy is that both DeHaven and Norwood are class acts. Norwood conducted himself superbly at the lowest point of his career, right after he had missed the kick that would have won the game. Missing a field goal is put into perspective by Clebe McClary, who lost an arm and an eye and suffered numerous other extremely serious injuries in Vietnam. His advice to both of these men is sound, though difficult to follow. Clebe says to “Forget It and Drive On.” These men (Scott Norwood and Bruce DeHaven) have much to be proud of and grateful for, and the same is probably true for you, so take Clebe McClary’s advice and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!”

Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator. He authored 33 books and produced numerous life-changing programs. He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily.


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