Success Monday: Who Is The Best Person to Motivate You?

Mark Hunter says your motivation should be the fuel that powers you through each day.


“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”-Babe Ruth

That quote from the Sultan of Swat, one of baseball’s greatest hitters of all time, is one of many motivational sayings that he shared over his professional life. And although sales guru Mark Hunter doesn’t mention the Babe by name, or that quote, this column from Hunter’s blog certainly encapsulates the spirit of what Ruth was trying to convey. It wasn’t a coach that got the Babe to put such fear into opposing pitchers. That came from within old No. 3 himself.

“What would your answer be to the title of this column?
Who would you say? Your family? A boss? A co-worker? Somebody famous? I hope you said “no” to each one of those questions, because the best person to motivate you is you! Why would you want to delegate an incredibly important task to someone else? Why would you put your success in the hands of someone else?

You are not only the best person to motivate you, but you are also the only one who can motivate you. You have your mind and your thoughts. Yes, even how you respond to things is up to you. You have far more power to control you than you realize, and it starts with motivating yourself.

It’s good to have others around you who want to help. I know I have many people in my life who want to help me. The more the better, but in the end, all any of these people can do is help create an environment for me to motivate myself.

Motivated people know they are in control. That’s why when things don’t go as planned and others around them lose their mind, they are still motivated and don’t get discouraged. If we allow those around us to own our motivation, we’re nothing but a pinball being tossed from side to side in a pinball machine.

The person who relies on someone else for their motivation will find themselves mirroring the behavior of that person. Wow, nothing like not being your own person! As attractive as another person might seem and regardless how motivated they may come across, they are still not you and never will be. Only you can be you! Success is not what others do to you. Success is what you do, and it starts with being motivated.

There’s a reason why I emphasize how we start our day. The beginning of the day is the platform in which the rest of the day is built. When we start it in a positive, excited and motivated frame of mind, it’s amazing how much better the rest of the day goes.

Your objective today and every day is to own your own motivation. View your motivation level as the fuel in your emotional tank, and your goal is to use the tank to power you through each day.”

Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter, is author of “High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price.” He is a consultative selling expert committed to helping individuals and companies identify better prospects and close more profitable sales. To get a free weekly sales tip, visit

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