Success Monday: New Year Leadership-Are Your Goals Big Enough?

Two top-of-the-year things to remember: dream big, and remember that you can't do it all alone. Leaders know there is strength in numbers.

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“The reason I enjoy sales so much is I never set out to have a career in sales. If it had not been for the Seattle Police Department and their habit of giving me tickets, there is little chance I would have wound up in sales. Yes, you’re eager to know more details, but we’ll save that for another day or a keynote speech.”

Did that get your attention? Veteran sales guru Mark Hunter of has that passage as part of the “Who Is Mark Hunter?” portion of his website. Effective communication is such a huge part of everyday living, both in our personal and professional lives, which is why we like to feature Hunter frequently here in SDG.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself a “salesperson” in the classic sense-spend some time on his website and you’ll find plenty of tips to help you be a better communicator and help you be a more successful businessperson.

“Followers set small goals, leaders set big goals. How do your goals measure up? Are you aligned with being more of a follower or a leader? If your goals are safe, small goals you know you can achieve, then why would anyone other than small thinkers want to follow you? There is zero chance a big thinker would look at you as a leader.

Leaders set big goals and they know accomplishing them will take the efforts of others. Leaders know the value of a team and they know how to create them. The bigger the team you create, the bigger the goal you can create. And most importantly, the bigger the outcome you’ll create.

This year, I want to challenge you to not just set goals but set BIG goals that push far beyond what you thought was possible. To achieve goals of this size is going to require focus. It is going to require a plan. It is going to require the involvement of others. Don’t be alarmed by any of these. Remember, you’re a leader and leaders rise to the occasion.

Looking at your goals for 2019, are they big enough? Will they make an impact and will they drive you to an even bigger outcome in the years to come? One of the things I believe firmly in is having multiple levels of goals. What do I mean by this? Most people set some annual goals. But I firmly believe in the practice of setting 5-year, 10-year and yes, even 25-year goals. My objective is not to go through life reacting to it. I want to go through life acting on it. Nothing disappoints me more than seeing people who fail to achieve their potential. We’ve been given a gift of opportunity and like anything else, it doesn’t last forever. It’s our job to seize on opportunities that arise and to create other opportunities.

This coming year has the potential to be your best year ever. I’m looking at the year ahead and am nothing but jazzed for what it will bring. My goals are BIG and I’m not wasting a day in accomplishing them.”

Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter, is author of “High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price.” He is a consultative selling expert committed to helping individuals and companies identify better prospects and close more profitable sales. To get a free weekly sales tip, visit

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