Success Monday: Bust A ‘Power Move’

This expert says that little things you do physically can definitely affect your mental state, for good or ill.

Emmie Brown is a senior partner with Nashville-based Southwestern Consulting, a sales coaching, speaking and consulting firm that operates throughout the U.S. and Canada and in Eastern Europe. She also blogs for her company and has penned a series of posts on “neuro-associative programming” and the benefits it can bring to you and your business. Though she writes for a sales consulting firm, you don’t need to sell for a living to relate to her advice.

What Are Power Moves?

Another neuro-associative programing technique we can use to heighten our emotional intelligence abilities is the use of power moves. Power moves is all about using your body to control your mind and your emotions. If you slouch down in your chair you might start feeling relaxed and your energy levels decreasing. This position makes you instantly tired. Now if you were to sit up in your chair and lean forward, you are instantly more engaged. There’s a lot of power in our physical position and movement. And we can control our body to control our mind and our emotions.

Negative Forces

However, throughout the day you might get beat up by the negative things that happen to you:

  • You might be facing rejection.
  • You might have people that are no-shows for a set appointment.
  • You might feel lonely when you’re by yourself in your office or working from home alone all day.
  • You might be on your 20th call without a single person answering, or worse, 20 hang-ups.

You’re constantly being beat up and being emotionally worn down throughout the day as you work hard, all in the name of sales. Those feelings can really wear on us over time and we need to combat it with some positive energy. We can use power moves to feel more powerful and in control throughout the day.

Three Power Moves

One of the easiest and most effective ways to use a power move is actually just to look up and smile. It’s impossible to frown while you’re looking up. You just can’t do it. Looking up and smiling instantly makes you happier, giving you a little bit more feeling of control.

Another power move to share with you is a move that we do in life whenever we feel victorious. When a runner runs through the tape, what do they instantly do when they hit that finish line? Their arms go in the air! They make the victory “V” with their arms, and sometimes they start pumping their fists in the air. That’s a natural response we have when we feel like we’ve accomplished something great. Deliberately and intentionally take that move and do it in your office at the end of a job well done or right when you get home after a productive day at the office (which is every day!).

A third example of a power move is the Superman pose. This is where you put your hands on your hips, poke out your chest, hold your head up, and feel big and strong. Stand this way for 30 seconds or more and you’ll start to feel the bad energy drain out of your feet and with each big breath, you’ll start feeling the power.

Try these out now-look up and smile, stick your arms up in the air, stand like Superman-feel victorious. Feeling the power, yet? These three moves will make you feel more confident, more in control. Use these moves throughout the day as you’re working through your territory, between sales calls, or strike a pose right before walking into a meeting or knocking on that next door.”

Emmie Brown is a senior partner of Southwestern Consulting, a sales coaching, speaking and consulting firm based in Nashville, Tennessee. You can find more of blog entries on neuro-associative programming by visiting the company’s website.


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