Scott Franko: Top 10 Lessons

Think of these 10 lessons as the 10 digits on your two hands that, together, give you power.

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There are a set of principles that delineate successful people and those who are able to build impressions. They are quite simple to understand. Champions, winners and leaders rise, win and lead through ambition, dedication and hard work with passion toward a vision or goal. Hard work … yes, success takes lots of hard work-and a lot more.

I used to believe quite firmly that hard work was the answer to everything. That was back at a time early in my own career leading my company when I didn’t really understand or grasp what it meant or took to really truly lead. But over time, I learned there’s more to it-much more. And I learned these lessons the hard way.

Since my early days of management, I’ve asked myself questions: What leads to great leadership? How does a company win? Why do some organizations get ahead and stay ahead? Then I tried to answer them. The answers I came up have become 10 lessons, or attributes, that have helped our company succeed.

I look at these ten lessons or attributes like the fingers of your two hands. You have a right hand, or the strong hand, and you have a left hand. Although there is a hierarchy of strength in those fingers from the thumb to pinky, you need all five to complete and create a grip that is firm and tight. With one hand you can grasp and hang from a rope but you won’t go anyplace. In order to climb that rope you need both hands, all 10 fingers-all 10 attributes.

ATTITUDE is the first attribute. It should start with me and you and flow out into others and the corporate culture. It is the foundation that the other attributes build upon. Attitude is then followed by EFFORT-the kind that doesn’t give up or let the team down. TEAMWORK is third, with SKILL and EXPERIENCE finishing the right handed grip.

So many times I have observed and witnessed too much importance and focus placed on skill and experience over the weight that attitude and effort carries with the team.

The left hand attributes consist of CREATIVITY at the thumb with ORGANIZATION following and PROACTIVE, RELIABLE and RESOURCEFUL being the remaining three fingers.

Once these attributes become valued and are put into practice they can bring about very positive results that include gaining respect, earning more compensation, winning more business and achieving more in life. They help with building impressions.

Scott Franko is a brand image expert and regular contributor to Sign & Digital Graphics. Contact him at

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