Scott Franko: Building Impressions with Building Makeovers

Careful thought and planning and working closely with the contractor can turn a building makeover into a true transformation.

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I remember the day that a client called and requested our services to help design, produce and install our first project that I put in the category of a building impression. They had been paying attention to what we were saying; that we were a first-choice source for signage and display, but we could also design and build just about anything that enhances brand, image and impression. That includes treatments, accents, enhancements, embellishments and architectural features for facades, surfaces of buildings and store fronts. At my company, we call these “building impressions.”

They wanted us to provide them with a unique structure that would give the front entry of the six-story building a unique look while at the same time be complementary to the building’s established architecture. They wanted the area over the front doors of this professional business complex to stand out by placing a projecting architectural feature over it with the name “The Plaza Building” labeled on the front for identification. The structure needed to appear architectural and planned as if it were designed into the original building entry.

Using our creativity and fabrication know-how we successfully produced a classy looking entry that incorporated sloping tinted polycarbonate panels within custom-built framing using various aluminum extrusions.      

Since then we’ve been able to transform the appearance of numerous buildings and facades through signs, graphics and structures. A recent undertaking was for a client who wanted to take an existing old downtown historic building and give it a completely new fresh look for their new restaurant.

They wanted the exterior to reflect the style of food and ambience that patrons would experience. In order to portray and complement that style, the antique building was going to require a complete makeover.   

Right away we knew there would be hurdles to clear in order to obtain municipal and permit approval. We also recognized that we would need to work closely with the construction contractor and his subcontractors because they would be instrumental in helping prepare the necessary structural components that would eventually support our signs and structures.

Armed with vision, direction, goals and our accepted designs, we were able to generate a winning exterior design that included a look and logo for the name of the restaurant, signage using the logo and name and building features that included two projecting canopies, an awning, and louvered window shades for the upper levels.

In the end, even though the materials used to generate the visual exterior branding of this restaurant were not all that fancy or special, the building makeover is building impressions.

Scott Franko is a brand image expert and regular contributor to Sign & Digital Graphics. Contact him at


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