Making a Business Out of Your Laser

Once you determine that's a business you want to get into, consider these feats

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A laser engraver/cutter isn’t an automatic business in and of itself, but like other resources, it can be a wonderful tool to enhance your business or the foundation of the business you want to start.

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before determining if a laser engraving/cutting business is right for you. Once you determine that’s the business you want to get into, you’ll need to consider:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Profit potential
  • Determining your pricing structure
  • Marketing your business

Before jumping into this venture, we recommend learning everything you can about the laser engraving industry and potential markets you want to serve.


Amy Dallman

Epilog Laser

Amy Dallman is the marketing communications specialist for Epilog Laser. In this role, she creates a variety of content including blog posts, sample club instructions, eNewsletters, and more.

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