Laser Etching Apparel 101

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Laser etching makes use of laser technology to burn a logo or design directly into the fabric of a garment. The end result differs by fabric but is always a precise, clean mark that gives an illusion of being a part of the fabric. On polyester knits and wovens, laser etching burns the top layer of fabric resulting in a darker, tonal mark on the garment with dimensional effects produced on pile fleece. It’s important to point out that medium-colored fabrics achieve a more distinguishable design than light- or dark-colored fabrics. Laser etching can achieve small, fine details and works best on smooth fabric surfaces. On denim garments, the process removes the pigment as it burns the fabric, leaving the greige fabric color.

Since laser etching produces an upscale tonal mark, it is appropriate for many audiences. It’s used to design unique placements such as vertical, full-chest with split-front, and hip areas. Garment hooping and backings are not required with laser etching thus allowing for flexibility of logos to go over seams, zippers, plackets, and hems. Many lasers can cover large dimensions allotting more space for substantial logos, which is a great way to add value to an item while omitting additional costs.

Laser etching is an easy process to quote because set-ups and run charges are usually based on overall design size.  There are a wide variety of apparel items in the market suitable for laser etching such as performance fabrics used on polos, quarter zips and camp shirts, woven denim shirts, jackets, and fleece.

Lauren Cocco Vantage Apparel

Lauren Cocco-Mirota

Lauren Cocco is the director of merchandising for Vantage Apparel. She leads the merchandising and design team and is responsible for the company's in-stock apparel collection. She has a talent for translating retail trends for the promotional buyer and routinely designs quality, fashionable apparel styles that work for multiple types of logo branding and imprinting processes. As the company embellishment specialist, Cocco also works closely with customers and clients to marry their branding objectives with the latest looks in logo apparel. Contact her at 732-340-3178 or by email.

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