I’ve got a heat press. What can I create?

I talk to numerous people at tradeshows and our in-house workshops who aren’t sure which route to take with their heat press. The number one question I ask is: “What are you looking to do specifically, and who are you marketing your products to?”

A heat press is a versatile product that can help you accomplish a lot. But you’ll want other items to go with it: heat transfer paper, heat transfer vinyl, rhinestones, etc.

Heat transfer paper is a great option for those looking to do full-color smaller production printing, including vector graphics and images, onto fabric materials.

With the new Oki ProColor printers, you will be able to offer your customers a higher quality transfer and can open up the doors to self-weeding papers such as ImageClip Laser Dark and Forever Laser Dark No-Cut along with papers for hard surfaces including ceramic, metal, wood and more. The beauty of heat transfer paper is anything that can withstand the heat press, there is usually a Laser transfer paper that will work to create a transfer for that item.

Vinyl or Cad Cutter is a great piece of equipment that can produce numerous end products:

  • Sign Vinyl: for those non-heat applied areas such as wine glasses, walls, car siding and more. With the variety of color options including glitter, you can create an array of projects to keep your customers coming back for more.
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl: from polyester, cotton, mixed blends and more, there are endless possibilities of fabric items you can create. This method is more commonly used to create personalized or team sports apparel.
  • Heat Transfer Paper: for those select few papers who aren’t self-weeding but will allow use with a cutter, this is a great option to cut out time on your transfer.
  • Rhinestones: for adding bling to your things. Rhinestone material varies-usually the thicker rolls like StickyFlock are the best options to create your templates that can be used numerous times to continue creating designs your customers love.

Sublimation is hands down one of the most amazing ways to create full-color image quality items from ceramic mugs, phone cases, socks and more. With the new Virtuoso printers from Sawgrass, everything a business would need to start is included with the printer: Creative Studio Design Software, sublimation HD ink and sublimation paper. A key feature of this method is all of the items are specially coated to create a “sublimation blank,” which means they are meant to be used with this process. 

   —Coastal Business Supplies

Sarah Young

Sarah Young has been in the graphic design industry for over 10 years with six years of apparel decoration under belt. For the last 3.5 years, Young has been Event Marketing & Design Coordinator for Coastal Business Supplies. Her previous design experience includes offset print setup and some screen printing. Young continues to work as a freelance designer for multiple avenues including custom prints, invitations, apparel and sublimation products. She can be reached at [email protected]

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